Introduce your team to the science and benefits
of mind training for performance and wellbeing

We help people centric small & medium business owners who want to create a great culture to attract and retain best talent, boost employee engagement, increase resilience, improve performance and exceed their business goals.

A workshop in mind training

The ability to cultivate a focus, calm and clear mind is an essential skill for your team to achieve goals while enjoying work in this digital age.

Turnover is expensive... Losing talent can put your business at risk.

Zen High Achiever partners with you to understand your business culture and needs to design a Mindfulness Introduction Workshop addressing your specific challenges and goals. Your team will leave the session motivated and with a practical action plan.

To keep momentum after the Introduction Workshop, we recommend running a follow up 28 days mind training challenge. With Zen High Achiever's support and accountability methods, this challenge helps your team establish their daily mindfulness practice and reap the benefits, at work and home.

* Focus * Clarity * Energy * Resilience *

 * Creativity * Innovation * Concentration * Better Sleep * 

  * Trust * Communication * Employee Engagement * 

* Reduced Turnover & Sick Leave Costs *

Workshop: Introduction to Mindfulness
for High Performance and Wellbeing
Duration:30-90min | Audience:Up to 50 people
Investment: From $599 to $899 (Inc GST)
28 Days Challenge

Includes four weekly conference calls
Up to 50 people | Investment: $499
Buy Workshop(From $599 to $899)
Buy 28 Days ChallengeOnly $499

When I was looking for a professional and experienced mindfulness meditation teacher in Melbourne I found Nathalie and was delighted with the event she created for my corporate client (HP). The client was very happy with how Nathalie interacted with the team and I would love to use her services again for our next client request. Thank you very much Nathalie.

Skye Griffiths - Director, Skye Lifestyle

Nathalie’s style of communication is inviting making one feel as though we have known each other for a very long time. This provided us as participants the opportunity to relax and be present in the moment throughout the workshop and connect with the material. Even though our workshop was only for 80 minutes we went away with valuable tools to add to our toolkit to assist us take charge and change aspects of our lives to make us more efficient both in our personal and work lives.

Maureen Kyne - Founder & Director, Workplace Behavioral Change

Nathalie is certainly an expert in her field. A wealth of knowledge! She enabled me to be more conscious of my habits and gave me some tools to keep focused! Great presentation, thanks Nat!

Katie Deeker, Servcorp

The key benefit of attending the session was a better understanding of what mindfulness actually is. Also bringing our team together so they feel we care about their mental health. I learnt that most of my team was really interested to learn and start practicing a mindfulness technique to improve focus, clarity and better manage pressure. After the workshop we kicked off a 21 Days Challenge to encourage our team to commit to a 10min daily practice.

Richard Fuessel, Salt & Fuessel - Digital Marketing Agency

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