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Workshops: Introduction to Mindfulness

Nathalie is certainly an expert in her field. A wealth of knowledge! She enabled me to be more conscious of my habits and gave me some tools to keep focused! Great presentation, thanks Nat!

Katie Deeker - Senior Manager, Servcorp

When I was looking for a professional and experienced mindfulness meditation teacher in Melbourne I found Nathalie and was delighted with the event she created for my corporate client. The client was very happy with how Nathalie interacted with the team and I would love to use her services again for our next client request. Thank you very much Nathalie.

Skye Griffiths - Director , Skye Lifestyle

When I engaged Nathalie we were a growing company in need of better structure and direction for our staff. What encouraged me to work with her was a sense that we needed to improve our efficiency in the work we do and ensure staff are happy and feeling good. Our experience at the workshop was very positive, everyone really enjoyed learning about corporate mindfulness. Most people had heard of it but didn’t really know what it is all about. It was great to have an introduction to how it is actually done.

The key benefit of attending the session was a better understanding of what mindfulness is. Also bringing our team together so they feel we care about their mental health.

I learnt that the majority of my team was really interested to learn and start practicing a mindfulness technique to improve focus, clarity and better manage pressure. I also learnt that without much impediment, mindfulness can be brought into the workplace. After the workshop we kicked off a 21 Days Challenge to encourage our team to commit to a 10min daily practice.

I would definitely recommend other business owners to work with Nathalie in order to learn more about what mindfulness actually is and how it can bring about increased efficiency, focus, clarity and calm in the workplace.

Richard Fuessel – Director, Salt & Fuessel

I had the absolute pleasure of being a participant in a workshop that Nathalie conducted with our business group in Shepparton. I have to say this was one of the best presentations that I have had the pleasure to participate in. Nathalie’s style of communication is inviting making one feel as though we have known each other for a very long time. This provided us as participants the opportunity to relax and be present in the moment throughout the workshop and connect with the material being presented. Even though our workshop was only for 80 minutes we went away with valuable tools to add to our toolkit to assist us take charge and change aspects of our lives to make us more efficient both in our personal and work lives. I would highly recommend Nathalie to any organisation that wanted to bring a whole new level of self-awareness and mindfulness to their organisations.

Maureen Kyne - Founder & Director, Workplace Behavioral Change

I recently engaged Nathalie Heynderickx to conduct a presentation/workshop to a group of business people in regional Victoria. The title of her session ‘Mindfulness for Performance & Wellbeing’ addressed the challenge of being able to pay attention to the object of choice whilst being aware of what is around one. Nathalie addressed in some detail the proposition that for a variety of reasons; pressure of work, information overload, feelings of disconnection etc, individuals can be easily distracted and less productive. She then had members undertake two practical exercises, one which amply demonstrated the challenge of remaining focused whilst the second involving a technique to de-clutter one’s mind provided a great take-away for them. Nathalie demonstrated an engaging presentation style which when coupled with very relevant content and ‘hands-on’ workshop activities meant the session was highly rated by the members. Comments included ‘really insightful, ‘good practical stuff to take away’ and ‘excellent presentation, one of the best’. Based on this experience, I can highly recommend Nathalie as a speaker/workshop presenter to any organization looking at improving the engagement, productivity and wellbeing of staff at all levels.

Andrew Dalziel - Management Consultant , High Growth Business Group

Leadership Coaching One-on-One

I engaged Nathalie for coaching to assist me in overcoming some personal blockages that were preventing me from reaching my potential in my career and being happy across all aspects of my life. It was an easy decision to take up the coaching with Nathalie as I felt an easy connection with her, which I knew would create a strong foundation for the coaching relationship. The coaching I received from Nathalie has helped me with both my personal and professional growth. The coaching has helped me to build confidence, get clear on my purpose and develop more authentic relationships. The development that I have gained through the coaching has helped generate new opportunities and has laid the foundation to take the next step in my career. As a coach, Nathalie is supportive, encouraging and creates a safe space to challenge thinking and explore solutions. She has a calm and positive style, and sets up a coaching structure that builds accountability for self-learning and growth. I highly recommend Nathalie as a coach to help you achieve your potential in all areas of life.

Louisa Emslie - Director, Louise Emslie HR Consulting

In Module 1 of the Zen High Achiever program I gained greater clarity of what's important to me in my work life and personal life. We defined goals in both areas and I am continually adjusting them as my vision of them becomes clearer by focusing on them daily. Nathalie really helped me to hone in on what was meaningful to me personally during our weekly sessions and thoughtful inspirational books and other online resources. Nathalie holds up a clear mirror and all the realizations and actions come from within yourself as you look into it. She counsels wisely when blockers arise and helps you to discover the root causes of those blockers. For me, and probably most of us, these were often emotional issues from childhood. They lie there hidden, altering the flow of our lives, until we seek them out and clear them. Nathalie collaborates with you to artfully weave thoughts, words and actions into a meaningful and flexible framework of goals

IT Manager, Gambling Industry

Before I decided to work with Nathalie I was experiencing health issues, and poor pacing during my work day. When I met Nathalie I was impressed with her professionalism, and that was reinforced after joining one of her public workshops. I had an excellent experience during our coaching sessions. A great mix of education, accountability and empathy. I was made to think really deeply about what was really going on when I hit roadblocks, and that helped me make the changes I needed. The benefit from working with Nathalie is that now I have a daily mindfulness meditation practice, and it feels like that is a habit, not a daily “should”. I am also practising short pieces of mindfulness during my breaks and work, and that is helping my productivity. All of that is paying dividends in my life overall. I am doing things in my personal life that I value, that weren’t easy to make myself do regularly. That makes me feel much better about myself, and in control of my life. These are some of the most important results I achieved by working with Nathalie:

- I have that clear calm mind most of the time that comes from regular meditation

- I have more energy in the second half of the day.

- I feel much more connected to the goals and values that will make me feel fulfilled and like I am living a meaningful life.

- I am more focused on good relationships with people I care about – a sporadic thing previously other than my partner.

- I absolutely recommend working with Nathalie. Zen High Achiever is a great program, skillfully implemented, and she walks a great line between empathy and accountability.

Nathalie is very results focused and practical in her approach, and I feel like I have made a really substantial step forward during the four months we worked together.

Rohan Wright – Partner, Business Success Partners

Mindfulness Program: Teams

I worked with Nathalie to run a Mindfulness Program in our business. Nathalie took the time to carefully understand our business and tailor the right program. She was supportive, flexible, responsive and adaptable throughout the planning and running of the program. She has a calm and positive approach and a good corporate business understanding which enabled her to connect and relate to our group.

Kate Waite, Consumer Goods Company

I decided to join the Mindfulness training program as a pro-active measure to improve my mental health.

In May 2014 I attended a brown bag session at AGL Energy about the global Mindfulness campaign “Mindful in May” and Nathalie was part of the panel. That event got me interested in the topic of Mindfulness and its benefits. I had some history of mild anxiety and was keen to learn how to manage stress better, to become a better mum while juggling my IT career. I was also conscious of my family history around anxiety from my mother side. Plus my father committed suicide when I was 19 so I had concerns about my genetic predisposition. I had noticed my own patterns of sometimes being unhappy for no reason but used to blame external circumstances or people to justify that feeling.

One of the best outcomes of attending the Mindfulness program with Nathalie was a significant improvement on my relationship with my husband and kids. As my mindfulness practice progressed I had much less self-doubt and worries.

I also noticed that when I would stop practicing mindfulness fears would come back hence I realized the connection.

Today I am able to see patterns in other people’s behavior. I did grow in compassion and am less judgmental. I no longer experience feeling of unworthiness as I used to. I do experience more happiness and joy despite of life challenges. I feel less emotional in family discussions, which enables me to guide everyone towards resolution of conflicts.

Since then I’ve been trying to share my experience and educate my kids about non-judging quality which I think is very important. From a career perspective, I got top marks at my annual performance review and I must say the Mindfulness training definitely contributed to that result.

Also important to highlight that I had no expectations when I started the program, I had no goals, just attended with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised by the results.”

IT Solution Architect, AGL Energy


- I began with a skeptical attitude to the value of the program and finished with a view that the program offers excellent training and advice improving my approach to both work and family matters.

- Fantastic program for clearing the mind and focusing on what's important at work and at home.

- My mobile phone does not run my life it's a tool to better performance.

- Program has given me tools to help relieve the pressure that can sometimes happen with my role.

- I now focus on one thing at a time and plan my day better.

- I can now provide 100% attention to the meeting people I am with.

- I learnt about actual mindfulness and breathing, to think about ways I respond to others, not to involve myself when upset in emails etc, time management, having a more positive attitude at work.

- My approach to the day has changed. I delegate specific time to reading emails don't allow the phone or email is to distract me in meetings speaking to other people.

- The way I prioritise work, run meetings and deal with emails has changed also the way I interact with staff and speak to others.

- My focus on what's important is better. I am more mindful of priorities, others and my own time.

- I just feel more in control. More mindful

- Program was provided in a simple manner which was easy to absorb & participate in.

- My key takeaways were relaxation techniques, I gained a better perspective.

- I have acknowledged and recommended the course to our senior leadership team and I hope it will be rolled out to the rest of the organisation

Voice of Participants , Banking Industry Client


- The power of mindfulness and the need to re-train our mind. The dramatic changes in the way we now receive information in the current always ON environment.

- Teaching the mind to recognise distractions, before letting them go. Take time to listen intently to others, don't be distracted by work in the background.

- Take time for myself to refocus and clear the mind. Turn off notifications. Start the day without opening emails . Greater ability to focus.

- I have the power to be in control of my mind and choose my responses to situations. By being more in tune with my thoughts I can direct how they impact by feelings and behavior. Taking a few moments each day to centre and focus not only improves my work but makes me a better person and helps me to better help others.

- The importance of mindfulness at work. Overall mindfulness with emailing, discussions and wellbeing

- Better listening (focus on the person I'm speaking to), do 1 task at a time for greater efficiency, and better prioritizing.

- Let go of what I can't change and focus my energy towards the things I can. Focus on priorities (things I need to get done today) and allow myself to let the other tasks flow into tomorrow. Stop multi-tasking -one thing at a time. Listen and speak mindfully. Be kind to myself.

– I need to fill my own cup before it can overflow into others. Protect my time. Draw clear lines between work and home life. No technology before bed - all work notification off on my mobile phone. I can use the ABCD breathing technique to refocus and increase productivity.

- Mental strategies - A certain amount of acceptance (still working on it) Beginners mind (specifically in relation to people)

- Improved listening skills. More consciousness of when I'm getting into a distracted whirl. Managing my time effectively to focus vs multitask Greater awareness of my impact on others Increased prioritisation, less reactive.

- Better listening (focus on the person I'm speaking to), do 1 task at a time for greater efficiency, and better prioritizing.

- Definitely let stressed - feeling more in control of my workload, better plans and able to easily prioritise. I have become better at separating work and home life, which has given me more work/life balance and made me happier and more energized as a result.

- Helped with acceptance - there's only so much you can do Helped make bigger decisions about my career and what I want from my work

- More comfortable with saying no to things

- Kinder to myself and feel my increased positivity and happiness flowing into my work.

Voice of Participants , Consumer Goods Industry Client

Personal Coaching

Nathalie was a great coach. There was never a feeling of judgement which made me feel comfortable to express myself in any way I felt was right at the moment. I felt I could be vulnerable which I feel allowed me to get the best out of my sessions. Nathalie shared awesome models with me which I now keep in mind for my everyday life. I 100% recommend her to anyone that wants to make a change in their life.

Catalina Avila, Osteopath

Nathalie created a safe, non-judgement environment which allowed me to discover and cultivate the ideas for different areas of my life including my relationship with money.  She is a great facilitator and allowed me to take responsibility for the changes in my life through, implementing action through a tangible and practical approach. Thanks Nathalie.

Marcel Makedassi, Naturopath

I highly recommend working with Nat if you are looking for a coach that has a very holistic approach and are willing to weed out an area in your life such as wealth, work, relationships or simply life itself. Nathalie is very punctual and very organised with a ‘Go out and love attitude’ she is warm and happy to challenge when required. Nathalie style is welcoming as well and has a step up process for anyone that has heard of coaching but does not know where to start. Nat will be there for you. I would recommend anyone that would like to get clear on what they are wanting, where they want to go and who they want to be!

Adam Lewis, Sales Manager

Due to Nathalie's warmth, non-judgemental approach, and wise insights, I always felt safe and enlivened within each session. I was encouraged to tease out unconscious patterns and underlying fears more deeply, recognise and detach from 'stories' that were victim-enhancing, and guided to a bigger, more positive vision of my future.

Nathalie would support me in developing specific, actionable and appropriate steps through setting SMART goals, and would always reflect my words, insights and growth back to me with kindness, humour and presence. She actively participated in each session as well as serving as a coach and guide, through identifying and sharing helpful strategies in the moment.

Through the coaching sessions with Nathalie, I have begun to regain a sense of hope, initiative and positive vision of the future. I feel reassured, more inspired and purposeful, and have managed to alleviate much of the depression I was feeling around my life choices and the challenges facing me.

Reflecting on my values, goals and vision helped me to identify what was working or not working in my life, and where I wished to invest more of my energy. The SMART goals set during each session allowed me to feel like I was taking back the reigns on my own life. I was able to successful enact them, as they were appropriate to my needs and had immediate, specific and relevant benefits.

I am beginning to recover a sense of self-worth, and feel more hopeful about my future. When I begin to lose myself in stories and self-doubts, I now have actionable strategies I can employ to neutralise the unhelpful thoughts.

Following my sessions with Nathalie, I have felt inspired to develop a set of six very specific and realistic, long-term goals, along with accompanying actionable steps I can take toward reaching these. I wake up feeling motivated and inspired at the thought of these goals; particularly as they specifically correlate with my personal values.

Due to Nathalie's guidance and suggestions, I am able to think more clearly around small, specific steps, rather than feeling overwhelmed by a nebulous bigger picture. I also feel more aware of my personal agency and ability to take action and make choices, however small-scale this might be.

I am undoubtedly more assured of my own wellbeing, and feel more aligned to my intuition, gut reactions, and more assertive in honestly sharing my thoughts and feelings.

I would unquestionably recommend Nathalie very highly to any friends in need of some short or long-term coaching.

Nathalie offers an extremely safe, mindful, and insightful emotional environment in which to get to the core of dysfunction, personal challenges, or a lack of clarity and purpose in life. She is erudite in her extensive knowledge and resources, is a wise facilitator who reads verbal and non-verbal cues well, and is extremely professional, yet nurturing in her role.

Louise, Primary School Teacher

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