Shape your workplace culture

We help people centric business owners who want to create a great culture to attract and retain best talent, boost employee engagement, increase resilience, improve performance and exceed their business goals... and make their business a great workplace.

The ability to cultivate a focus, calm and clear mind is an essential skill for your team to achieve goals and enjoy work in this digital age. Turnover is expensive and loosing great talent can put your business at risk...

We partner with you to understand your business needs and design a program to address your unique challenges and goals. We also identify critical measures to monitor and assess the program impact, so you have visibility.


* Focus * Clarity * Energy * Resilience *

 * Creativity * Innovation * Concentration * Better Sleep * 

  * Trust * Communication * Employee Engagement * 

* Reduced Turnover & Sick Leave Costs *

Team Coaching Packages:

Inclusions Silver
Duration 1 month 3 months 6 months
Weekly 30-60 min sessions 4 Sessions 12 Sessions 24 Sessions
Basic Mindfulness Training - Level I
Advanced Minfulness Training - Level 2
Mindfulness applied @ workplace
Book: One Second Ahead
(one copy per participant)
Your Investment
Total Package valued at $2,400 $7,200 $14,400
NOW Only $2,000 (Inc. GST) $4,800 (Inc. GST) $7,200 (Inc. GST)
Number of sessions 4 Sessions 12 Sessions 24 Sessions

Maximum 20 people per cohort.

Nathalie took the time to carefully understand our business and tailor the right Mindfulness program. She was supportive, flexible, responsive and adaptable throughout the planning and running of the program. She has a calm and positive approach and a good corporate business understanding which enabled her to connect and relate to our group.

Katie Waite, Consumer Goods Industry, Melbourne

I got top marks at my annual performance review and the Mindfulness training definitely contributed to that result... I had no expectations when I started the program, just attended with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised by the results.

Annett Reitman, AGL Energy

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