Imagine achieving high performance at work without  compromising your personal life, energy, and wellbeing...

I see you out there...

I get you, I've been there.

You wish your work wouldn't compromise your personal life, but you are consistently working long hours. You can’t find time to pursue personal interests or spend enough quality time with your loved ones...

You strive to be a high performer with sound goals, priorities and plans - but in fact you always feel busy, caught up in the go-go-go! environment. Perhaps suffering of action addiction.

With an ever changing finish line, you don't feel productive, and sometimes you find yourself procrastinating. You wish you were performing as a high achiever, and often question whether you're actually adding value.

You wish you had more energy...

Feeling drained after every work day is the new normal in your life. Your sleep is short or restless, and your digestion is suffering. You often rely on caffeine to boost energy, and sometimes turn to alcohol to manage your emotions.

Stop struggling & learn to live a more balanced life

I know your struggle is real.

But it doesn't need to be this way!

My name is Nathalie and I'm here to help.

Let me tell you a bit about myself.

For over a decade, I was a high performer in a competitive corporate environment. I worked as an IT consultant and leader for global management consulting firms including IBM, Accenture and Ernst & Young.

I migrated from Brazil to Australia and expanded my expertise through cutting-edge courses in the United States and India. As a leader who continued to climb the ladder and achieve remarkable results, I was constantly sought after by head-hunters.

I had ticked all the boxes, I got the promotions & recognition, and yet I wasn’t happy or fulfilled. I felt stressed, out of balance, and had little time and energy for my personal life. I knew this path wasn’t sustainable.

Then I experienced a shift and began my transformational journey.

By exploring my belief system and core values, I gained more clarity of my true motivations. I learned tools for mindful communication, developed greater emotional intelligence, and mastered simple yet effective energy management techniques that I still adopt to date.

Finally I had found the tools & strategies to be a high performer without compromising my wellbeing.

The results were AMAZING. I was able to...

  • Be more patient (and less critical) of myself and others
  • Listen better and form stronger relationships
  • Deliver better results while working fewer hours
  • Respond to difficult situations calmly and wisely
  • Dedicate more time and energy to loved ones and personal projects

My transformational journey has given me a more meaningful, authentic, and joyful life - both in the office and out.

Now, it's my mission to help others achieve the same harmony in their lives.

Introducing the 90-day jumpstart Zen High Achiever

In this 90 days program I share proven strategies and tools to increase your performance at work, your wellbeing and personal fulfillment.

With this unique program, you will ....


Gain clarity on your     Values, Vision & Purpose

In this module, you will...

  • Reflect on your Core Values and discover your inner compass
  • Define a work and life vision which is aligned with your truth, is inspiring and worthwhile to pursue
  • Identify limiting beliefs that might be getting in the way of achieving the lifestyle your desire and deserve
  • Determine high priority areas, key goals and establish a 90 days plan to make them happen


Boost your Performance (without burning out!)

In this module, you will...

  • Uncover the power of mindfulness to bring you focus, clarity, calmness and sustainable peak performance
  • Receive one-on-one training on a research and science based mindfulness technique
  • Learn how to apply mindfulness and other techniques to effectively define goals, priorities, to plan and execute your work
  • Remain cool as a cucumber despite of pressure, information overload and distractions at the workplace


Communicate Assertively & Effectively

In this module, you will...

  • Improve the quality of your interactions through active and mindful listening. Cultivate meaningful and trustworthy relationships that will contribute to your success
  • Be able to negotiate priorities/workload with leaders, peers and your team. Say “No” without damaging working relationships
  • Establish healthy boundaries at work and home. Master difficult conversations.
  • Gain the confidence to stand up for yourself, speak up and manage conflicts gracefully

MODULE #4: WEEKS 10-12

Enjoy Boundless Energy

In this module, you will...

  • Complete a holistic health assessment to identify key areas and receive a tailored plan with my recommendations to suit your needs
  • Learn energy management techniques and strategies to boost your energy levels
  • Free up energy to do more of what brings you joy and have more time for yourself
  • Experience significantly better sleep and digestion

What's included?

  • One 90-minute strategy session (face to face)
  • Twelve Weekly or Fortnightly 50-minute sessions (Zoom or Skype)
  • Worksheets & Templates to make our sessions super efficient
  • Email support between sessions

Imagine your new life...

You perform sharply as a high achiever at work, without sacrificing your time, energy, wellbeing, or personal life. You know your core values and you live by them. You hold a clear vision of your desired lifestyle and career, while knowing exactly how to make it happen.

You feel more focused and deliver within your deadlines with ease (without working long hours). You feel confident in expressing your views, managing conflicts, negotiating workload, and juggling priorities. Your working relationships are healthier, based on mutual trust and rapport.

Last but not least, you look after your mental, emotional and physical health regularly. You have more time for yourself and enjoy the benefits of increased energy levels. You are able to spend more time with those love, and follow your true passions.

Now you know a bit more about me and my program.

It's my turn to ask you...

  • Are you genuinely seeking more balance in your life?
  • Do you value your wellbeing, family, personal, and social life?
  • Are you keen to manage your career in a sustainable way, prevent burnout, and get your life back on track?
  • Are you committed to learning new tools and implementing changes to improve your performance at work?
  • Are you interested in building trust, gaining rapport, overcoming challenges, and accomplishing goals without compromising your personal or working relationships?


Then this program is for YOU

My personal philosphy

I believe it is everyone's birthright to enjoy life. I strive to give busy professionals like you a surplus of time and energy to pursue what you truly love and spend time with whomever you choose.

I believe that life is precious, time is short, and everyone should be able earn a living while also enjoying a meaningful and joyful existence.

I believe that we should be able to leave a significant personal legacy - either through our families, our work or personal projects.

Let me help you tap into your potential, maximise your performance, and live the life you deserve!

Your Investment

Buy this 3-month program in full and get $405 off! Plus a BONUS strategy session.

Buy full program$1,995 (all 4 modules)
Buy one module$600 (single module)


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Look forward to hear from you!

Nathalie Heynderickx

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