The Mindful CIO Manifesto

CIO Manifesto

The industrial age is over. The digital age is here. Our work is less physical and more mentally demanding than ever before, so we must be mentally fit. Forward-thinking organisations and leaders have realised this and are doing something about it. Are you one of them? Corporate mindfulness has been adopted by a range of…

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Burnout: 12 Signs & 7 Tips to prevent


During my sabbatical in late 2015, I attended a Conference in Amsterdam to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Potential Project and to meet fellow Mindfulness Consultants from around the world. The event included a weekend retreat with Allan Wallace, a globally renowned progressive scholar who studied with the Dalai Lama. It was a memorable week.…

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How happy are you in your job? I mean, really?

How happy are you in your job

It’s that time of the year where we traditionally tend to reflect and take a closer look at our lives. Whether it’s revaluating the relationship we have with ourselves, our direct employer or how we interact with others a new year can often mean a new start and with that comes a desire to do…

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